November box

A surprisingly warm november

Brioche Baguettes

Tina - We made them into oven baguettes and they were surprisingly tasty.

Kitkat Christmas

Tina - There was one big one and a bag with much smaller ones. The big ones was a good portion, the smaller one, same taste but really tiny.

Wolf Wine

Tina - Cute little bottles, average taste of chardonnay and cabernet, as far as my uncultured pallet can judge this

Hot chocolate

Harvy - I think I remember having this but it seems to be just all the other instant hot chocoate out there.

Protein bars

Tina - Nice and nutty without getting too dry and crumbly.

Stroop waffles

Tina - Stroop waffles can’t be bad! EVER! Harvy - Agreed.

Advent Tea

Tina - Threw it out after many months and several tries as they were all super fruity and weird. Just not my cup of tea.


Tina - Rather delicious, both the mint and the orange. Harvy - Had them before, so nothing surprising here. Still very good.

Orange and Cranberry Jaffa cakes

Tina - Quite nice and juicy.

Dijon Mustard

Tina - It’s mustard. Nicely strong but we had already mustard at home, and how many open mustard jars do you really need.

Coriander and basil pesto

Tina - Not tested it yet.