The Answer of Life Part 2/42 - Oneself

Ok, so religion is out for now but I’m sure I will revisit it later. Next up I went with the idea of oneself.

  1. Since it is your life, you should make the most of it, therefore you should only think about yourself and enjoy what time you have on this earth.
  2. It seems good enough, with this idea it can drastically improve chances that one individual will become happy, assuming that the person knows how to become happy and has the relevant resources to do so, also we are assuming that the aim of this persons life is to become happy. Note though that this idea breaks down with a family or any kind of relationship and since most children are born into families it would be hard to adjust life to live without responsibility of other members of their social circle.
  3. The only thing that this comes under fire from is the fact that it doesn’t include the idea of helping others, since it is believed that there are people that can not look after themselves in the same capacity that the average human can. Also it doesn’t take into account the idea that people need to socialise with other humans by not taking responsibility of others then there would be no need to communicate with one another(this will covered in a later topic). Finally it is believed that humans can do some jobs much better in teams then on their own, so a need for efficiently can also break down this life’s goal.
  4. It is generally a global societal trend that humans always need to help each other, while in practise it doesn’t really happen, humans generally feel bad for not helping someone who is in physical (visible) need of help. And don’t really want to communicate the idea that they wouldn’t help the old woman cross the road(more on the humour equation later).

So overall my aim has to include more then myself as a satisfaction of my life’s goal.