The Budding Entrepreneur

Another person asked “You work on the weekends? Why do they make you do that?”

I have to come back and say it’s not work work (whatever that this) it’s my own work. A lot of people have different words for what I am trying to do, some call it side projects others call it starting my own business, other my external projects. I’m not even sure anymore what to call it, entrepreneurial-ism? Am I even being entrepreneurial? I haven’t yet worked on any of my original ideas. Hell, I don’t even know if any ideas I am coming up with are original. The work I am doing at the moment is definitely not original, I can’t be sued for it but I am not taking credit for what I am doing. So I guess the people calling it a side project were right. This is not a life changer at the moment.

What I want to look at is peoples perception of what I am doing. So I work full time and around that time I am on the look out, you  could say, for anything that catches my eye as investment. Investment in a good idea that can be turned for the general public for their good. Now I have had the debate as to whether entrepreneurial is just good business wrapped up with invention. But for me it is all about invention and helping people out, business can come later. Although I admit I am being a bit greedy with my priorities.

So back to the main question of that other person, why is it when I say that I am working but not for my workplace do they have this look of dismissal as if it wasn’t even worth mentioning in the first place. On the flip-side there are people I have met who are really intrigued as it seems everyone has an opinion, once I explain the technicalities and others I have slowly converted. It seems a sorry state to the first group of people, it seems they are content with the way things are. I would hate to say that they don’t wish humanity to progress and I believe that progression lies with those few inventor and entrepreneurs that have pushed for us to get there.

I’m not sure of the point of this note, I am not saying everyone has to be enthusiastic but to dismiss a creative thought or mind seems too 1984 for my liking. To say that someone is content in their life also is held up to that same analogy. I guess I should go around and say that I am an inventor, will those same people just merely accept it as my full job description and not even bat an eyelid or do I have to explain this is not my 9-5 but it is what I am living for?

Some people are content with their lives, I will never be.