Summer July box

The July Box arrived.


Tina - 5 stars for effort, as it doesn’t have artificial sweetener, less sugar and even the package is paper based and can be recycled. We compared it with a chocolate powder we already had at home, and it unfortunately didn’t do well in comparison. Not bad, but not great either.


Tina - Tested this in a drink for sweetening. I just wished the package would have a warning, that it is more potent than sugar. Would have used less than a full teaspoon. So sparsely dosed it does the job with sweetening your drinks and foods. They say you can use it for baking as well. While that is great news, it seems very experimental without a conversion ratio. Wouldn’t mind a sweet cake without sugar, but could end up with way too much or not enough.

Skinny food sauces

Tina - We got 4 sachets of sauces and sirups from this company. I tried the sirup for a Latte but it was hardly detectable in sweetness or flavour. Great that is has hardly any calories, but without any flavour not the best trade.

Harvy - It’s all horrible, don’t buy it.

Golden Creek (Maple syrup)

Tina - For people who can’t live without syrup on their pancakes definitely a good option. Sticky and sweet as advertised. The non-maple part is dominating, making it a bit too sweet for my taste.

Harvy - I don’t normally buy syrup but was pretty nice on pancake, which I think is the only thing they can be used for? I can’t remember what normal syrup tastes like, so can’t compare.

Premier Protein (chocolate brownie flavoured protein bar)

Tina - Tastes like it looks, sweet, dense and good flavour of chocolate. Good portion for when you are hungry but too busy or too lazy to actually make yourself a sandwich. Good after gym or outdoor snack. Available only at ocado and WHSmith travel, so won’t see any of them for a while.

Wunda (pea drink)

Tina - If you are used to Oat and Almond drinks, this is just as good or bad, depending on what your experience was with Oat and Almond drinks. With 1.99 per litre definitely on the pricey side even compared to other plant based milk replacements. Harvy - I already dislike oatly and this is probably worse.

Bebeto (sugar candy box)

Tina - Like all sugary candy which comes in small portions in large boxes, one easily gets hooked and keeps on eating without reason. The mix of sour, sugar and the refreshing artificial flavours of the different items make it fun. Unfortunately the least fun item makes up 50% of the whole box. Was fun to eat, but probably would buy again.

Harvy - Great little sugar box but just too much of the watermelon sweet, maybe a few more different flavours. Probably would get it at the right price but pretty sure supermarket do own label versions and I don’t buy those sooooo….

Plant pops (popped Lotus seeds)

Tina - I heard about lotus seeds and was very excited about this. But once they are popped like sweetcorn kernels and flavoured with peanut, it’s hard to find an original taste. Definitely a fun snack and good alternative for popcorn.


Harvy - Surpisingly refreshing pilsner, fairly light as well and filled up my 1 litre jug quite nicely. I could be seen drinking the bigger bottles for a nice summer beer.

Chai Latte

Harvy - Finally got around to this a few months later. Tasted pretty much like most chai lattes. I’m used to the starbucks supermarket versions and it was pretty much it.


Harvy - It’s just peanut butter but barely enough to cover toast. What was the USP here?