Yummy yummy June box

The June Box arrived and was looking good at first sight.


The big bottle of Gin Fizz was dominating in the box, just a shame it was pink. Nevertheless, looking forward to taste it, after cooling it of course.

There were also several snack items, which waited for that afternoon motivation plunge to be devoured - Chickpea puffs, fruit jellies, roasted corn and sweet cereal and marshmallow bars. There was also another bottle of salad dressing, which - together with the two from last month - mean, we better start eating salads. We will have to fight the slugs in the veg-bed more rigorously.


A few things have caught my eye but there’s also a few that I’m not bothered about (yet another salad dressing).

There’s “Attack a Snak” which reminds me of lunchables, they were a desperation food but would probably have it again, so interested to see how these turn out. I’m looking forward to Baru (?) because who doesn’t like chocolate marshmallow in a bar. Noisy snacks looks intreg they boast they use double the flavouring of other snacks. Is that a good thing?

Superfruit Jellies

Overwhelming smell to the point of artificial. The choice of flavours was :shaky hands but not trump: It just seemed to break up in your mouth but not really melt.

Baru Chocolate Marshmallow Bar

Looks like expected for a Marshmallow chocolate bar, nice and soft. A little too sweet for the generous size, but marshmallow lovers will probably like it. It was supposed to be Chai Latte flavour, but there wasn’t much of it, which I actually preferred.

Le Joli

Basically flavoured sparkling water. Which has never tasted nice… ever.

Attack A Snack

Small nachos with some overpowering bbq chipoltle sauce (way too much sugar as well) and not sure why they included the cream sauce as well. Can’t really recommend this, like cinema nachos but worse.

Noisy corn

Heavily flavoured corn, works pretty well actually. Good little snack but I feel it might too pricey when released

Olly’s Olives

Not sure what the product is supposed be here. It’s just olives with garlic and basil. I mean the olives were good but you can find this in different variation from stock supermarket food in the deli section. Snack sized which worked in its favour.

Lizi’s Granola High Protein (40g)

The miniture package is a harsh reminder of how small a “recommended portion” really is. However, the stuff in my bowl looked promising, nicely brown coloured, suggesting a good roast or the grains. But once you add the milk everthing starts to float. Turns out, most is puffed grains, not much to chew on. Taste was plesant but the overall impression falls behind the high expectantions I got from their cover picture.

Harvy thought it needed more sugar.

Nine Bar

Good meal replacement options for a hectic day or after exercise. Good flavour and the full stomach feeling you get from dense energy bars like this. A bit too much for a light snack.

Gregory’s Tree

Essentially the healthier version of fruit twists? I’m not sure why these exist to be honest. I’m sure the standard full fat version costs less and I think they are supposed to bad for you.


Liking the big crunchy pieces. It was vinegar flavour but it wasn’t as overpowering as your normal salt and vinegar snack but would look forward to other flavours. Kinda reminded me of wotsits but less chessy, and I assume it’s more healthy.



Really liked the marshmellow bar (of course who wouldn’t), I think the unexpected winner here was the noisy corn snack.