The Answer of Life Part 4/42 - Marxism

At this point I was heavily influenced by Marxist theory and could see its daily applications in real life. The theory, I believe, is outdated with the idea of workers rising against their owners or employers as many people are becoming more well off, more content with their jobs and starting to own their own means of production(or making more money) this idea has to be modified to become more of a drive against capitalism itself, its effect on the environment, general social attitudes and how the economy can affect vast swathes of people. So this post is basically a reiteration of that theory (with some differences) and could be considered an aim of life but only for a certain period of history. As if it was implemented then that aim would be completed and a new goal would have to be set

  1. The idea that economy drives the world… Well it does we all know that.
  2. The idea that the world can live without economy… Well can it? Some examples seem to show that there is a trend to create or replace an industry/industries. Some of these include open source software, electric powered cars and unemployment by robots.