The Answer of Life Part 5/42 - Knowledge

The most current idea, I have is the one of knowledge, it seems to defy most other concepts of how the world runs, as it can not be destroyed but created quite easily and it is quite easily added upon. It is the most powerful idea known to man, which can be protected by many systems including politics and economics. At this point I have established these points:

  1. My aims is to help other people in some way, sharing knowledge. 2.It has to be in some reduced active or passive way, this is so that I don’t have to make hard decisions on if I have to sacrifice some part of my life in order to fulfil my goals. My aim will only take priority if when the need or situation arises.
  2. I have to establish how I can help them and how to integrate it in my daily life
  3. You would have get rid of any discrimination of any human, as every human some kind of knowledge, to discriminate will hamper my goal as there will be opportunities lost both acquiring and sharing.
  4. It will have to be lifelong aim, for this to happen it would have to be an almost impossible task

So far the current aim is a follows:

To help as many people as possible, in a way that betters their lives, I believe one of the ways to do this is to pass on knowledge of any kind that maybe useful, either to help them understand a situation/idea that they may not feel happy about or prevent them from doing harm to any other individual mentally or physically. And to also help them learn something new which would help them in any other situation in a social or personal context. To do this aim, I have to:

  • Ensure I have a large base of knowledge to ensure I can communicate with every person on every subject but also have something to offer so the over knowledge pool is improved.
  • Ensure that I learn from as many people as possible, while it may simply be easy to read from books, it is much better to get first hand experience from as many sources as possible. Since I am learning everything, every person will have equal weighted on the amount of knowledge they contain.
  • Ensure that I can still live a life that conforms to the norms of society and be reasonably successful. So there will be some parts where I have to cut back on learning or sharing to ensure my life can play out.
  • Make sure that humans are handled correctly this means constant psychological evaluations to ensure maximum acquirement of knowledge and to communicate the knowledge in the most efficient and best way possible.
  • Consider the idea of removing societal inhibitions to ensure that knowledge is passed freely, unfortunately this includes the idea of a society that is leaderless, which is impossible, the only other idea is communism but again that hasn’t worked out properly.
  • To speed up the unemployment rate by replacing most manual labour with robots and then slowly take over all professions, since this process has already started I am simply contributing to it. The quick the transition, the easier the recovery. The absence of an economy should allow more concentration on other societal aspects which includes technology, science, social sciences and should remove other societal taboos or grievences. Pros:
  • This should increase the knowledge pool of the planet.
  • It costs almost nothing.
  • People seem quite happy with idea of sharing knowledge so it can ease me with my aim. Cons:
  • It maybe possibly to convey the knowledge in some way that it may cause harm to more people then good, more rational will be needed to avoid that problem or another rewrite is needed.
  • It doesn’t take into consideration my own personal ideas or opinions as I would have to be impartial when giving out facts with knowledge.
  • The ability to remember that much is impossible but the luxury of choosing your next encounter is also impossible, so some balance has to be addressed.