TiMeR film

I just like this, such a simple idea/object but it can change the whole way we think about things. I have even debated over this with my girlfriend and I am sure if I talked to other people it would bring out interesting answers. It reminds me of ‘Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’. Now I know it looks all girly and some kind of romcom but I don’t care it has enough gadgety goodness (ok one gadget), I like it.

And it is not so in your face like one of those ‘over-the-top time travel’ movies but more of a subtle ‘what if you could know a little bit about your future.’ Would it completely change your decisions now? It also includes the idea that being in love is like destiny as in it can’t be changed or you can not choose who you fall in love with but I am not sure if I agree with that. I looks as though there are two sets of people in this trailer ones who want the TiMeR and those who do not. So the question is do you even need the TiMeR? Very intriguing, hopefully this will come out in the U.K on cinema, as it has currently only been displayed at the Tribeca film festival.