For Lent I have decided to give up my home computer. But what exactly does this mean? (As I need a computer for work) So I have set some ground rules.

  • No using my own personal computer
  • No Facebook on any computer
  • No watching videos or TV(not that I have one)
  • Yes I can go to the cinema
  • Yes I can use Twitter from iPhone or work
  • Yes I can email from either my iPhone or at work
  • Yes I can use my iPhone for the odd browsing, but that is so annoying I wont do it that much anyway
  • Yes I can read blogs
  • I have noticed that has some major changes already, as I will note:
  • I am used to my PC turning on in the morning to play BBC News 24 but that doesn’t happen now
  • I can’t update my songs or videos on my iPhone
  • I am not using my computer for random stuff
  • I have cleared out my room of pc stuff, that leaves me a big desk of… nothing
  • I check my emails less often (a benefit so far)