What I know from Sept 09

So this is basically I list of what I have learned since I have started working for KMP and how my lifestyle has changed to reflect that. So first up my job, as I have never attempted to learn anything in networking or web dev before(I am an A.I guy) this will be mostly a learning experience. And what a learning experience it has already been.

  • Learned the conversion to J2EE
  • PHP ( a bit)
  • Relearned HTML/CSS
  • Learning druple (CMS)
  • DB2
  • Neworking/WWW
  • Host headers
  • Domain Controllers?
  • DNS servers
  • Exchange admin (certs and active dir)
  • SSL certificates
  • C#
  • SVN
  • IBM Websphere
  • .NET dev
  • RegEx
  • Basic Server admin
  • Screen scraping

Outside of work

  • Take apart a monitor
  • Bah’ai Faith (ruhi study group, fireside and wedding)
  • Senior Coordinator (Sikhsoc)
  • Set up Web/Media/File server
  • Kung Fu (ish)
  • Another Isoc lecture on the existance of God
  • Lecture on how to stop Ageing
  • Twitter