The water experiment

  1. Drink 1 glass (0.25 litres) of water every half an hour
  2. Drink for as long as you are awake
  3. Repeat for 2 days

Some problems here, first is trying to stay close to a source of water. This could be solved by carrying bottles of water around but that would mean half a litre for every hour but during a weekday, where sometimes I have 9 to 5, this is not practical. Or I could buy some as I go along but that is not cost effective. So I decided to solve this by doing this experiment on the weekend. That way I can stay at home and have unlimited tap water and if I need to go out I can just fill some bottles up and come back as soon as I can. I decided that if I miss one drink deadline I will have to make up for it by drinking what I missed in one go. Hey might actually get around to doing some work, as I will have to stay in my flat for the weekend. Another problem is keeping up with the time, I will need a countdown timer that I can carry with me. Luckly and delivered in time, I have got a vibrating casio watch, that also countdowns time, so every 30 minutes it vibrates, resets and starts again, all by itself. Firstly I know some people think of this as a detox but I really want to do this experiment to see if

  1. my body can handle this
  2. If I can handle it
  3. Find out what will actually happen.