The Answer of Life Part 6/42 - Is it mine?

Life may have no meaning. Or even worse, it may have a meaning of which I disapprove. – Ashleigh Brilliant

I looked at that quote and I think it can apply when searching for the meaning of life. We all make the meaning of life something that we approve of and we like to have. But what if the meaning of life is out of our hands (now I am not talking about god here) I mean what if it is a result of all your responsibilities and is actually carved out for you by a result of society itself. So your answer to life is picking up the litter in the streets, even if your life’s goals were different in the past you have merely changed them to suit the situation you are in. But this could be looked at in a different way what if society has a place for you as a teacher, what if if your meaning of life was to spread knowledge (see previous post) but what if you became a teacher and then made it your meaning of life? It leads to all sorts of questions involving psychology and society. But essentially your answer is already there, you make it based on what you already do, so essentially everyone else has made it for, simply by looking at where you are now. Pros

  • You take the hassle out of deciding what it is Cons
  • It is not a free choice or something to strive to (violation of the impossible rule)
  • It may not involve improvement of anyone’s life’s in fact it may lead to less lives